Pennsylvania's Largest Fallow Deer Hunting Ranch

Stonebridge Hunting Ranch
253 Wiedenhoft Lane Stoystown, PA 15563
814-893-6187 814-242-1454
Fallow Deer Hunting in Pennsylvania at it's best!
Hunting Tip: Aim for just behind the Fallow Deer's shoulder where you're most likely to hit vital internal organs.
Your Fallow Deer Hunting Experience of a Lifetime
Hunt using you rifle, pistol, muzzleloader, crossbow, or compound bow on 400 acres of the most beautiful Fallow Deer hunting preserve in Pennsylvania and the Northeast.
Fallow Buck Hunts
  • Special Trophy Fallow Buck:
    $2,195* Per Person.
  • Includes FREE
    • Lodging for One Night;
    • Lunch; and
    • Guide.
Super Hunt for Fallow Doe
  • $450* Per Person includes Guide
  • Additional Fee for
    • One Night Lodging; and
    • Lunch

* Prices subject to change. Call Us at 814-242-1454 or Contact Us Online to confirm prices and available hunt dates.
What are Fallow Deer?
  • Fallow Deer originated in Europe.
  • Stonebridge has all three types of Fallow Deer including Chocolate, Spotted, and White.
  • Average Size and Weight:
  • Length: 55" - 63" with trophies up to 75"
  • Height: 33" - 37" at the shoulders with trophies up to 75"
  • Weight: 130 lbs. - 220 lbs. with trophies up to 330 lbs.
  • Antler Size: 28" - 38" Palmate Antlers on bucks 3 years old and up. The best months to hunt Fallow Bucks is early September through April. Fallow Deer retain their antlers far longer than Whitetails.
  • Length: 51" - 59" with trophies up to 75"
  • Shoulder Height: 30" - 33"
  • Weight: 66 lbs. - 110 lbs.
  • Antler Size: None
Trophy Fallow Deer Huntinge Bow Hunting for Fallow Deer Trophy Fallow Deer Buck Another PA Fallow Deer Hunting success at Stonebridge Hunting Preserve Fallow Deer Doe Woman with Fallow Deer Buck White Fallow Deer Buck Group with Fallow Deer Buck Family with Fallow Deer Buck Stonebridge White Fallow Deer Buck
Fallow Deer prefer wooded and open grassy areas. The Stonebridge Hunting Preserve is the perfect habitat for Fallow Deer. And it's a great place to hunt because it's a beautiful, well-kept property with scenic views. Look at the drone video in the slides above. Let the excitement and memories begin by booking your reservation today! Call Us at 814-242-1454 or Contact Us Online.