Stonebridge High Fence Hunting Preserve

253 Wiedenhoft Lane Stoystown, PA 15563
Mobile/Text: 814-242-1454Land Line: 814-893-6187

Best PA Guided Hunts for Deer, Boar, Bison, Elk, Rams and More

Why Stonebridge Is the Hunting Preserve Every Hunter Dreams About

A Beautiful High Fence Hunting Preserve

“...if you want the scenery, the good quality animals (HUNDREDS), and great company, then look no further. Stonebridge Hunting Ranch is on my list to return when I save up for it again!”
Jacob K. M., Illinois 10/09/21
It's a beautiful property. You won't find a better Hunting Ranch. And the animals are just amazing! You'll always remember your hunt at the Stonebridge Hunting Preserve.

Why Stonebridge Hunting Preserve is a Hunter's Paradise

  • Affordable, professional guided hunts for the abundant trophy, high-quality stock including
    • Ram (including Goats & Sheep; and
    • African Big Game.
  • Rifle, Muzzleloader, Pistol, Crossbow, and Compound Bow Hunting.
  • Affordable prices - a package that fits everyone's budget.
  • No special trophy fees or licenses are required.
  • Experienced Guides provide tips to experienced and novice hunters.
  • Spot and Stalk or Tree Stands.
  • Year-round hunting.
  • 400 acres in the beautiful Laurel Mountains in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, with big timber forests, breathtaking scenic views, and easy travel access.
  • ATV transport to and from the field is available if required.
  • We transport animals from the field and wash them.
  • Butchering and taxidermy services are available for additional fees.
  • Fish in our stocked pond (catch and release).
  • Comfortable hunt-inspiring Hunting Lodge includes
    • Full Kitchen (food not provided);
    • 3 Bedrooms - Sleeps 10 people comfortably;
    • 2 Bathrooms;
    • TV Room;
    • Amazing views of the mountains;
    • Rear deck overlooks the pond;
    • Air Conditioned;
    • Great cell coverage; and
    • Cable TV

What Should I Pack for My Guided Hunt?

  • In addition to your weapon of choice and ammunition, consider packing
    • camouflage clothing
      (While not mandatory, camouflage clothing will allow you to get closer to your trophy for the perfect shot.);
    • a raincoat;
    • binoculars;
    • a range finder;
    • and snacks.
  • For those of you staying at our Hunting Lodge:,
    • bring personal toiletries (a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.) We provide linens and towels;
    • a cooler.

Incredible Guided Hunting Trips in PA

Trophy Sika Deer Buck in Pennsylvania Trophy Whitetail Deer Buck in Pennsylvania Stonebridge Hunting Preserve Guided Boar Hunt Stonebridge Hunting Ranch Bison in Pennsylvania Trophy Stonebridge Preserve Bison in Pennsylvania Stonebridge Preserve Guided Elk Hunt Stonebridge Preserve Guided Mouflon Sheep Hunt Group Hunt at the Stonebridge Hunting Preserve in PA Young Boy with a wild pig Stonebridge Family Guided Group Hunt in PA Flight 93 National Memorial
  • As you can see, the property is extremely well-maintained and the animals are in excellent condition. It's not just marketing hype. Stonebridge is PA's Best Hunting Preserve.
  • There's no better place to have a great, memorable hunt for yourself or with your friends and family.
  • Stonebridge Hunts make great corporate getaways.
To be the Top Hunting Preserve in PA, you need an incredible lodge. Watch the video above.

Stonebridge Upcoming Hunting Special Events You Won't Want to Miss

Spring Bow Hunting Hog Jamboree

Our hunters explain their Stonebridge experience better than we ever could.

Trophy Fallow Deer Hunt 10/09/21

This was an excellent hunt! I went for Fallow Deer, and the property was excellent.

The rolling mountainsides on each end of the property were loaded with large maple trees that helped set the scene; usually, only a few people get to see. Aside from the property, the animals were just as good.

We passed several nice bucks that could easily have been shooters. After spotting and stalking all morning with several good opportunities, we decided around mid-day that a buck we had seen earlier was the one. We closed the deal, but it was a challenge still! These fallow acted just like the whitetail we hunt back home. They busted us by scent a few times and often caught even little movements.

Mike (our guide) was excellent as he knew each of the really good bucks and where we would find them on the property. Mike made this fun with his stories and knowledge about the animals.

Bob and Gina prepared us an excellent lunch, and we appreciated their hospitality. I couldn't be more grateful to Bob and Gina. They were great, and our son loved their home!

There are a lot of places that offer Fallow Deer. But, if you want the scenery, the good quality animals (HUNDREDS), and great company, look no further. Stonebridge Hunting Ranch is on my list to return when I save up for it again!

Jacob K. M., Illinois 10/09/21

Hunters Love the Stonebridge Hunting Preserve!

...the perfect reintroduction to hunting
Another successful Stonebridge guided Whitetail Deer HuntOverall, it is the perfect reintroduction to hunting. Bobby made things easy and comfortable leading up to the hunt. Once on site, I was amazed at the property's beauty and natural landscape. I was seeing herds of fallow and sika deer running everywhere. The Lodge is a hunter's dream. It is comfortable and perfect for any hunter. Once on the hunt, Bobby and Mike made for a relaxing day. We saw several bucks throughout the day, but the brush and other obstacles made me uncomfortable to take a shot. Finally, mid-day, I got my sites on an excellent size buck and pulled the trigger. Within a few minutes, we cleaned him, and the story of a lifetime was coming to a close. I can't wait to get back to the preserve for another hunt. In addition, Gina was so friendly and cheerful. Even the guests leaving when I arrived were polite and made me dinner. I can't recommend Stonebridge enough.

Mark D., West Chester, PA 9/21/23
It was a great hunt (for Fallow Deer Hunt using a rifle), and I highly recommend it.
Stonebridge Fallow Deer Hunt on 09/18/23I arrived Sunday afternoon and, after I settled in, I was able to watch a parade of fallow deer from the front porch of the hunting lodge. The next morning, Mike, my guide, took me to a hunting location where we could see several fallow deer in the shooting range. But Mike felt there were better ones available. Mike then led me on a 1000-yard stalk where I could shoot a 4-year-old buck. It was a great hunt, and I highly recommend it.

Fred K, Fairfax, Virginia 9/18/23
Hunts for Fallow Deer and Feral Hogs...
Stonebridge Fallow Deer Hunt on 09/16/23Mike and Jay where phenomenal with both hunts. The property was amazing, and the cabin was great. There's nothing like sitting on the front porch drinking a beer and looking at about 80 Fallow deer 100 yds from you.
Kyle & Gosh F. Pennsburg, PA 9/16/23
Emily's hunt of a lifetime...
Bob, Gina, and Family Hi! Thank you very much for participating in Emily's hunt of a lifetime. She had so much fun. I haven't seen her that happy in a long time. She was so proud of herself. When she got home, she told everyone that she had seen and shot an Elk and a Deer. We were proud of her. Thank you so much for your kindness and consideration. You all made us feel so much at home. Thank you for your friendship and kindness. Emily still talks about Shayenne. From, Tom, Tammy, & Emily Demann
What a memorable day!
Dear Bob, What a memorable day! Thank you for your generosity. God Bless You. Dee & Corey Ramsy
We had a Blast...
Bob & Gina, Thank you for a Great Hunt! We had a Blast and look forward to hunting again! AMD Industries, Inc. Warrior Services, Inc.
Thank you so much for such a nice time...
Bob & Gina, Thank you so much for such a nice time. We always enjoy our time at the Lodge! Tim always enjoys his time with Bob. It was good that Tim was busy with him, especially with the situation with his mom. We both thank you for taking us to dinner and enjoyed the girls! Tim is already talking about his next hunt. Hopefully we can just come to stay this summer for a couple of days. Tim & Cheryl
I had an amazing time...
Thanks for everything you have done for me. I was more than happy with everything you did for me. Timmy Massa
The property is beautiful and well-managed.
Tyler and I had a fantastic time at your ranch! The property is beautiful and well-managed. Tyler got his trophy fallow buck and is so happy! Mike did an awesome job guiding him and was very enthusiastic. Thank you so much for making his dream come true. Dave