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Stonebridge Hunting Preserve
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Top Guided Boar Hunts in Pennsylvania

Russian Boar Hunting in Pennsylvania at it's best!

Boar Hunting Tip: Aim lower behind the shoulder than you would other big game. You will avoid the hard-to-penetrate armored area around the upper shoulders, usually hitting both lungs and possibly the heart for an instant kill. If your shot is a bit high, you will likely damage both shoulders, preventing a wounded boar from charging.

A high-caliber rifle is essential to penetrate a Russian Boar's thick hide. I cover recommended calibers further down on this page.

Your Russian Boar Hunting Experience of a Lifetime

Boar hunts provide individual hunters and groups with an exciting, memorable, affordable, professionally guided spot and stalk hunting experience. And there's no better place to hunt Boar than at Stonebridge Boar Hunting Preserve.

You'll be hunting the highest quality trophy Russian Boar (European Boar) on 400+ acres in the magnificent rolling hills of the Laurel Mountains in Somerset County, PA. Furthermore, you'll enjoy both the hunt and later eating the amazingly delicious Russian boar meat, considered a delicacy in Europe.

In addition, our boars are the healthiest in Pennsylvania and across the U.S. because we raise our boar on-site and feed them all-natural feed, including grain, hay, grass, and NO antibiotics.

European Russian Boar Hunt Prices*

Trophy Boars Up to 150 lbs.: $   595  Per Person

Super Trophy Boars 151 lbs. - 200 lbs.: $  795 Per Person

X-Treme Trophy Boars 201 lbs. to 250 lbs.: 995 Per Person

Killer Trophy Boars: 251 lbs. to 300 lbs.: 1,195 Per Person

Monster Trophy Boars: 301 lbs. to 350 lbs.: 1,295 Per Person

Beast Trophy Boars: 351 lbs. to 400 lbs.+: 1,395 Per Person

Group Rate (5+) $ 50 Off Each Boar (Cash Only)

Lodging: $ 150 Per Person. Includes:

  • One Night Lodging;
  • Breakfast and Lunch; and
  • Free Catch and Release Fishing

A PA Hunting License and Tags are NOT required.

* Prices are subject to change. Call Us at 814-242-1454 or Contact Us Online to confirm prices and available hunt dates.

Hunt Russian Boar How and When You Want

  • Use your rifle, pistol, muzzleloader, crossbow, or compound bow.
  • We run boar hunts year-round and seven days a week, including Sundays.
  • Arrive on the day of your hunt or stay in our lodge.

What Caliber Rifle Do I Need for Hunting Boars?

Hunting Russian Boar safely requires a powerful caliber firearm. That's because Russian boar are among the most dangerous animals to hunt. Here's why.

Russian Boars:
  • have sharp tusks up to five inches long;
  • are built like a tank, having tough protective cartilage over their rib cage that smaller calibers may not penetrate;
  • are extremely intelligent and unpredictable;
  • may attack anything the Boar sees when wounded.
So you want to use your biggest caliber weapon to maximize the probability of taking it down when you hit it. Here are a few suggested Calibers for Boar Hunting include:
  • .308 Winchester
  • .300 Winchester Magnum
  • .30-06 Springfield
If you don't see your caliber listed, please call us to determine its suitability for boar hunting.

What are Russian Boar?

Are Russian Hogs Native to North America?

No. Russian Boars are native to Europe and Asia. Therefore, they're also known as European or Eurasian Boars. Hunting enthusiasts introduced Russian Boars into North America for sport hunting, and they remain the highest quality hog for hunting.

How Big Do Russian Boars Get?

Mature males can weigh between 440 and 660 lbs, and mature females are smaller and generally run between 220 and 440 lbs.

Russian Boar Characteristics

Russian Hogs are extremely intelligent, adaptive, and robust. So they can thrive just about anywhere. That's a problem because when they escape, or are released, into the wild, they use their long snouts and tusks to rummage for food, damaging crops and the natural habitat of competing wild and domesticated animals. Stonebridge takes extraordinary measures to control its Russian Boar herd.

Russian Boar have an extremely thick, tough hide. There's also an armor-like cartilage chest cavity. Therefore, you need a higher caliber cartridge and load to ensure you inflict enough damage to kill the hog. That's important because a wounded boar will sometimes charge you. A boar's heart is lower than in other big game, so you aim lower to avoid that protected chest area.

Awesome Stonebridge Preserve Boar Hunts

PA Trophy Russian Boar Young Hunter with a Stonebridge Trophy Russian Boar Bow Hunting for Russian Boar in PA Successful Guided Boar Hunt at Stonebridge Hunting Preserve PA Boar Hunting at Stonebridge Preserve Proud Young Hunter with Trophy Russian Boar at PA's Stonebridge Hunting Preserve Successful Guided PA Boar Hunt at Stonebridge Boar Hunting Preserve Quality Russian Boar taken at Stonebridge Hunting Preserve in PA PA Boar Hunting at its finest at Stonebridge Hunting Preserve Pennsylvania Trophy Russian Boar at Stonebridge Hunting Preserve Sharing a family hunting experience at Stonebridge Boar Hunting Preserve in PA Silver Russian Boar taken at Stonebridge Boar Hunting Preserve in PA PA Guided Boar Hunts are fun for the ladies at Stonebridge Boar Hunting Preserve. Flight 93 National Memorial
Russian Boars prefer wooded areas, especially with a flowing stream, making the Stonebridge Hunting Preserve the perfect habitat. It's a great place to hunt boar because it's a beautiful, well-kept property with scenic rolling hills and views. Let the excitement and memories begin by booking your boar hunt of a lifetime today! Call Us at 814-242-1454 or Contact Us Online.

Description of a Stonebridge Preserve Guided Boar Hunt

If you're a guest(s) at our lodge, we will serve you breakfast before starting the hunt. For those of you not staying at our lodge, you'll meet at the Stonebridge front gate, usually around dawn. Just give us a call when you get there.

Before heading out, your guide will explain some basic safety rules, check your equipment, and answer any preliminary questions about hunting Russian Boar. There will be up to three hunters for a guide, few enough to ensure you get the personalized attention you deserve for a perfect hunting experience.

Proceeding to the appropriate hunting area is usually done on foot to avoid spooking the hogs. However, we will use ATVs to transport hunters with special needs and transport harvested Boar.

What Should I Pack for a Boar Hunt?

  • In addition to your weapon of choice and ammunition, consider packing
    • camouflage clothing
      (While not mandatory, camouflage clothing will allow you to get closer to your trophy boar for the perfect shot.);
    • a raincoat;
    • binoculars;
    • a range finder;
    • and snacks.
  • For those of you staying at our hunting lodge,
    • bring personal toiletries (a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.) We provide linens and towels;
    • a cooler.

Stonebridge Has An Amazing Hunting Lodge

To be the Top Hunting Preserve in PA, you need a stunning and comfortable lodge. Watch the video above and you'll see you couldn't find a more comfortable and inspiring Hunting Lodge.

Why Would You Book a Boar Hunt Anywhere Else?

So, you'll hunt...

  • for incredible, highest-quality, and healthy European Russian Boar;
  • on an immaculate, incredibly well-maintained hunting preserve in the beautiful, relaxing Laurel Mountains in Pennsylvania;
  • with and learning from an experienced, professional guide;
  • with outgoing, friendly people who share your love for hunting;
  • having butchering and taxidermy services available to you;
  • having the option of staying in a comfortable, top-quality hunting lodge;
  • while enjoying Bob and Gina's incredible cooking;
  • getting all the above at affordable prices that are competitive, or better than, our competition's.